Ellie Crowe is a travel writer and author of seventeen ( 17) published books both nationally and in Hawaii.
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Little Princess Kaiulani In Her Garden By the Sea
Text by Ellie Crowe / Illustrated by Mary Koski
Little Rainbow Book Series
Co-publisher: Regent Music & Book Publishing - special edition 2002 - ISBN 0-9712885-1-8 $12.99
All of Hawaii is overjoyed by the birth of Princess Kaiulani. Share the story of her childhood in the special garden by the sea and her friendship with a famous poet.

A reviewer, April 13, 1999
This is a delightful book for young readers or collectors of Kaiulaniana/Hawaiiana alike. Beautiful color illustrations by famous Hawaii artist Mary Koski, renowned for her paintings of multi-ethnic children. The cover in particular is a delight, showing the Princess in a beautiful velvet dress she wore as a child (still preserved in Honolulu's Bishop Museum), with a peacock's tail fanned out behind her - symbol of her love for the birds that lived on the grounds of her home. Simple but entertaining text based on real events in the Princess' growing up years.


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The Littlest Paniolo
Text by Ellie Crowe / Illustrated by Barbara KaMille
Co-publisher: Regent Music & Book Publishing - special edition 2002 - ISBN 0-9712885-2-6 $12.99
Author Ellie Crowe packs a great deal of information about Hawaiian cowboys into her gracefully written story of Mika, the Littlest Paniolo. Illustrator Barbara KaMille's irresistible, whimsical imagery captures Mika's adventure to the rodeo.

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