Hawaii Travel Guide

Exploring Lost Hawaii

Places of Power, History, Mystery & Magic

Written & Illustrated by Ellie and William Crowe


  • "...a laudable purpose, introducing visitors to Hawaiian culture by viewing ancient sites...
    A good deal of research went into this book, and Ellie Crowe cites her sources.
    In addition, she adds her personal experiences at the sites, or that of someone who lives nearby.
    It's an effective technique that bridges the gap between ancient culture and today.
    William Crowe consistently finds a way with light and perspective to take dramatic photos of heiau ruins, healing stones and bare lava carved with petroglyphs.
    This isn't easy."

    Columnist Bob Krauss' Review
    Honolulu Advertiser, Saturday April 28, 2001

  • Exploring Lost Hawaii should be in the collection of every public library in Hawaii.
    In addition, it would be a welcome tool to people planning trips to Hawai'i.
    Thus I could imagine it being popular in California public libraries.
    After all, locals and visitors alike should learn about our sacred places so we do not inadvertently desecrate them.
    If they do not tread lightly on the sacred ground, they too might waken with red, puffy, and swollen legs like a young visitor who kicked a stone at a heiau and called it a 'a big pile of rocks'(164)

    Submitted in April 2006 by Elisabeth Kittredge, LIS (Library and Information Services) Student, University of Hawaii at Manoa.
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  • There are 60 major color plates and maps to every location mentioned.
    The contents cover the islands of Hawai’i (the Big Island), Maui, O’ahu, Lana’i, Moloka’i, and Kaua’i.
    The Hawaiian islands today are the “islands of aloha“, and beckon the tourist to come and enjoy himself or herself for a spell while their home far away drowns in rain or flocks with snow.
    But that’s not the way it used to be.
    Powerful chiefs ruled the islands, enforcing the kapu (laws) with armies of trained warriors.
    Gods demanded bloody sacrifices and wars to be fought.

    As a result, the islands are scattered with many battlefield burial sites, such as Lekeleke on the Big Island and places where “night marchers” (ghosts of the ancients) are still seen tramping down the beach, such as at Waipi’o (big island).

    All the islands have their stories.
    The best way to experience the magic is to go in person.
    Get the book and start planning your adventure.

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  • This is a book that focuses on the ancient Hawaiian people, their culture, and the spiritual 'Mana' that they regarded as a powerful force imbuing all things, natural and unnatural, in the ancient world.
    In it are described and investigated many sites of spiritual power revered by the old Hawaiian people.
    The 'power places' on each of the islands are described, accompanied by many beautiful photographic images.
    If you have an curiosity about the ancient Hawaiian civilisation, its legends, folk-tales, religious beliefs and practices, and society, this book should be on your reference shelf.
    It is also a fascinating read that can be savored and enjoyed quite apart from the worthy armchair archeological and sociological resource it comprises.
    Curious about human sacrifices, traditional Kahuna folk medicine, or 'Night Marchers'?
    Read this one for a grounding in the amateur archeological information it contains.

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    Christopher T. Carey, historian, researcher, writer, and consultant

  • Summary: 5 Stars

    What I found particularly fascinating about this book was the way it linked specific places throughout the islands, which can be seen today, with historical lore and people from Hawaii's past.
    I also enjoyed the way the book brought to life a lot of the mystical, spiritual, side of the Hawaiian geography and tradition. Long ago, when I first visited the beautifully desolate northwest coast of the big island of Hawaii, I had this strange sense that I was not alone.
    After reading this book, I realize that I, indeed, was not.
    The spirits of Kamehameha the great, and other warriors of Hawaii's past, live on here.

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  • Exploring Lost Hawaii takes the readers on an intriguing pilgrimage into Hawaii's past.
    It skillfully weaves a collection of stories that are both beautiful yet dark, mysterious and supernatural, and always fascinating.
    It is a unique and informative guidebook that provides a tour of a Hawaii never seen by most visitors-and even many locals.
    Covering all the major Hawaiian Islands, this book takes an unexpected route away from that of the traditional guidebook.

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